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      Varley did not acquaint the men with her engagement to the Marquis of Trafford, but he conveyed her love to them; and, when the case arrived, there was much rejoicing in Three Star.

      She looked at the horses ears again, and her lips trembled.

      Yes, I did! he retorted, almost savagely. I toldwho was it I told? He put his hand to his brow. I cant remember; my brains in a whirl. But you see nowyou must see that I am innocent. My mother, she will tell you.

      She put out her hand to him impulsively, and he took it, held it for a moment in his firm grasp, then bent over and kissed it.I am married now, andand it is too late; you can have the money

      Hes a plucky young devil, for all he looks like a girl, he said, filling a blackened clay pipe three inches long. He never so much as winced, though I must have hurt him pretty badly. Hell have to keep in bed for a time, and when he does get about hell hobble a bit for a day or two. Youd better send Mother Melinda to look after him; its a kind of job thatll suit her down to the ground.


      The rage in his heart flamed in his face for a moment, then left it white again.


      It was Trafford lying asleep in his dress clothes! She stood stock-still, terribly frightened, and, as if he felt her eyes upon him, he woke, and, seeing her, rose to his feet and stood looking round him for a moment with a dazed air.


      Comes from the east, said one. Some o them darned Dogs Ear scum!